There can be a lot to be angry about riding the Expo Line SkyTrain, from constant shutdowns and the weird smells that haunt the train. But take solace that you’re not the angriest to ever ride the transit line: that would be the Incredible Hulk in 1989’s The Trial of the Incredible Hulk. The made-for-TV […]

That Time SPIDER-MAN Visited BC

Spider-Man’s almost-60-year history is filled with colourful villains, quips and plenty of web-slinging. And aside from a murdered uncle and the odd girlfriend being thrown off a bridge, the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man isn’t really known for dabbling in darkness. Yet there is an exception: the historically super-grim chapter for the character that also coincided with […]


For six months in 1986, Vancouver hosted their first world’s fair, Expo 86, and it was a pretty big deal. It forever changed the landscape of the city, transforming it from “a sleepy provincial backwater to a city with global clout,” according to a Wikipedia entry that needs a citation. Over 22 million people visited […]

X-FILES x Ovaltine Cafe

It’s kind of unreal that the Ovaltine Café still exists. The timeless diner doesn’t look like it’s changed much since it opened in 1942, even though the area around the Vancouver DTES institution definitely has. Even the cafe’s legendary for its old timey menu prices. That the Ovaltine and its iconic neon seems frozen in […]