You know who loves getting mad on the SkyTrain? Literally everyone who takes it. 

You know who else loves getting mad on public transit? The Incredible Hulk!

That’s right: before we was a Disney A-lister, the Marvel Comic’s green rager was just like the rest of us schmoes, commuting on the Expo Line. For proof, see 1989’s The Trial of the Incredible Hulk.

After the Lou Ferrigno-starring CBS show ended its five-year run in 1982, the made-for-TV flick was the first of three movies created. And each TV movie was designed to spinoff new Marvel Comics properties into their own shows – like Thor and Daredevil. Alas, this plan didn’t work out and no one ever tried to put Marvel characters in TV and movies ever again.

Back to the filmed-in-Vancouver The Trial of The Incredible: it Hulk features some choice late ‘80s shots of the city. The movie opens with an intro credit sequence of Dr. (David) Banner walking along Kits Beach, with Downtown Vancouver looming in the background. The Granville Street London Drugs also makes an appearance as a jewelry shop that gets held up. 

However, the most iconic Vancouver set-piece begins with Dr. David Banner visiting the Burrard Street SkyTrain station, graffitied with a rad Daredevil tag: 

It gets better. After boarding the train, Banner sees a lady getting harassed by some tough guys(?). He channels his inner Hulk and promptly smashes all the things, including-but-not-limited-to: goons, chairs and a Skytrain door – all before fleeing the transit cops.


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