Inside Vancouver’s abandoned WATCHMEN set

Zack Snyder’s mostly faithful-to-a-fault adaptation of Watchmen (2009) is something of an oddity among the superhero TV shows and movies that have shot in Vancouver: namely, that there are zero obvious traces of the city shown on screen.  Set is an alternate 1980s timeline, filled with superheroes, Snyder brought Alan…

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Vancouver hosted their first world’s fair, Expo 86, and those six months changed the city forever. The international fair transformed the city from “a sleepy provincial backwater” into “a city with global clout,” according to a Wikipedia entry that needs a citation. Expo 86 also gave us Skytrain, Science World…

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BEYOND THE BLACK RAINBOW x Bloedel Conservatory

Vancouver’s Bloedel Conservatory never looked like so haunting. So dark. Also, so devoid of fun birds.  Shot in 2010, the cult sci-fi horror flick Beyond The Black Rainbow  is set in a trippy, sci-fi asylum/institute circa 1983, where an evil doctor is experimenting on a girl with mysterious powers named…

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X-FILES x Ovaltine Cafe

It’s almost unreal that the Ovaltine Café still exists. Even more that the timeless diner doesn’t look like it’s changed much since it opened in 1942. The cafe’s legendary menu prices are a blast from the past. That the Ovaltine and its iconic neon seem frozen in time has made…

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